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Why Fitness Branding Matters

Becoming a fitness instructor is a great way to bring your love of health and fitness to the masses. America has an obesity epidemic and you have the ability to do something about it! But helping people starts with having the right tone of voice for your brand. Are you bossy? Playful? High-energy? Calm? It all matters! Here are three other reasons you need to sort out your brand before you start your business.


Gives Your Brand a Personality


Think back to those days when you were in school. The teachers who made the lessons fun are the ones you remember. The teachers who stood at the front jabbering away were boring and you hated those classes. Be like a fun teacher! Inject your brand with your personality! If you're sexy, make your brand sexy! If you're independent, do the same thing with your brand.


Sets You Apart from the Competition


By having your own brand voice, you make yourself different from all the other fitness coaches out there. Sure, anyone can find someone to tell them to workout and make them do sit-ups, but only you can do it with your personal sense of pizzazz. That's what will make your lessons more fun!


Helps You Find Your People


We all have a tribe in this world, and your fitness branding can help you find yours. By being your authentic self as a fitness instructor, you can find the people that respond well to that! You'll be able to make that connection and gain a new client all without ever having to be anything you're not.


Work with Coco-Chanel Jonez!


I'm a personal fitness branding expert and I can help you become the best version of you as a fitness instructor! Book a consultation with me today to see what we can do together!

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