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Personal Image Coaching

  Improve Your Social Media with Personal Image Coaching

Nailing social media can be pretty difficult. We've all seen what the trolls can do when you make a mistake online! It can completely ruin your brand. With personal image coaching from me, Coco-Chanel Jonez, I can help you avoid mistakes and become a social media powerhouse of a fitness coach! Here are three ways personal image coaching can help with your social media presence.


Gives Your Brand a Voice


Personal image coaching is all about figuring out who you are, what you want to say, and how to say it. When you book me for a social media consultation, I can help you come up with a set of guidelines for your social media posts that will help you stay on target each and every time you click "post".


Always Stay On Brand


These guidelines help to make sure you stay on brand with every post you make. That way, nobody is ever confused when they see your profile. When you post randomly, people don't have a clue what you're trying to say and they'll just end up ignoring you. Nobody wants that!


Don't Make Mistakes


It's really easy to make a mistake on the internet these days. As a fitness coach, you're in a dangerous spot because you're telling people what to do with their bodies, and lots of people don't take kindly to that. By developing your brand voice and guidelines, I can help you avoid making mistakes and hurting feelings.


Book Your Consultation Today!


If it's time to take a look at your social media presence, give me a call today. We can schedule a 45-minute session where I'll go through all your profiles and give you some tips and ideas for how to improve them. Then, you'll be an online fitness coach rock star in no time!

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