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Rebranding can be a PAIN!!!

Hey Family!

Thanks for stopping by my first blog vlog. This is going to be the haven for everything Brand and Spirit filling. Now that we’ve established grounds, I have to vent off! Last Sunday 02-02-2020, I launched my website! I was in such a great mood in the beginning of the week and then Wednesday SLAPPED me in my the fivehead! (I go more into detail in the video provided below) I had a range of emotions surge over me within an hour. You ever feel like “yeah, my life is going good, I’m winning, can’t nothing bring me down” and then within hours all your affirmations and positive thinking is now out of the window because “something” does indeed, brings you down?!

I’m so grateful that I get to start over on this new platform and subject myself to serving others that have the passion and purpose in the fitness industry. I work strictly with purposeful based brands. Brands that are looking to build a Legacy and know that we were called to do it. As a Brand Coach specializing in Fitness Branding, I’m going to go over the essential Do’s and Dont’s you should be aware of when hiring a Brand Coach!

If you're in the market for a Brand Coach Click this link!

Here's to increasing your health & wealth

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