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Your Brand Doesn't Matter!!

If people can't relate to it, then your Brand doesn't matter!! Okay! How many times were you left scratching your head because someone's pitch didn't make sense? Or the message wasn't clear? Or you just couldn't get it period! I mean it happens and it's understandable that it does, it just shouldn't. In the Vlog below I explain HOW you're going to gain the interest of people connecting to your brand.

The truth of the matter is... people hate being "sold" to. A person's true thoughts when they hear a sales pitch is "Why should I care?" The majority of people would hang up on you, if you weren't in their face. (side note: how rudely cool would it be to hang up on people who were literally in front of you hahaha) I'm saying all of this to say.... RELATION & EMOTION will have you winning over hearts and ears more effectively when in pursuit of reaching your audience.

If you're in the market for a Brand Coach Click this link!

Here's to Increasing Your Health & Wealth

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