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HIIT The Beat 30 Day Challenge VOLUME II: YOU DID THAT!

HIIT The Beat 30 Day Challenge VOLUME II: YOU DID THAT!


Starting February 19th!  This Program that's going to Elevate your workouts with intensity and rhythm for 30 days. Build up electryifying stamina with 2 Cardio Styles in 1 session: Hip Hop Step and Charg'd Up


On February 19th, We’re going into Volume II and it’s bringing a new level of intensity and rhythm to your workouts. We’re pushing boundaries and unlocking your FULL potential. 


Here's the incredible features that make Volume II an undeniable fitness challenge:


🔥 **Weekly Programmed Workouts:** Every week, you will experience thoughtfully crafted workouts that keep you on your toes, challenging your body and mind.


🎶 **Expanded Playlist for Workouts:** Elevate your sessions with an extended playlist that’ll fuel your workouts with beats that match your energy, making every move a dance of determination.


🤝 **Group Support & Accountability:** Together, we create a community of HIITAs, supporting and holding each other accountable throughout the challenge. Your victories will be celebrated, and challenges conquered as a united force.


💻 **Access to HIIT The Beat LIVE Online Workouts:** Feel the pulse of our live online sessions, bringing the electric atmosphere of our studio workouts directly to your living room.


🍽️ **Access to Personalized Meal Plan:** Tailored specifically for Volume II, your personalized meal plan will complement your fitness routine, ensuring you fuel your body for optimal performance.


💪 **Intensified Workouts*** Embrace intensified sessions, with shorter rest durations and longer workouts, pushing your aerobic abilities to new heights.


🔄 **Periodic Check-Ins:** Our coaches will be by your side, providing periodic check-ins to track your progress, offer guidance, and celebrate your achievements.


📖 **Meal Guide with Bonus Health Tips:** Uncover bonus health tips and mouthwatering recipes as you tackle both your nutritional journey and daily living habits.


🍲 **Access to Meal Prep Services:** Enjoy the convenience of meal prep services delivered to your doorstep with our exclusive HTB discount code. Fuel your body with nutritious meals that support your active lifestyle.


📊 **Before/After Fitness Assessment:** Witness your transformation with a personalized before/after fitness assessment, a testament to your hard work and dedication.


🏆 **Prize for the Winner:** As the curtain falls on Volume II, a special prize awaits the ultimate champion – a token of recognition for your commitment and success.


Volume II: You Did That will be more than a fitness challenge; it will be a celebration of your strength, perseverance, and achievements.


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