Her mission is to increase the Health & Wealth of Fitpreneurs, Entrepreneurs, and Career Professionals that serve God’s Kingdom. How? By helping men and women understand the purpose of building stronger bodies, stronger minds, and building endurance in  their legacy!


Coco-Chanel Jonez is building a fierce empire as a Fitness Professional, Fitness Brand Expert & Marketer, Social Media Coordinator, Personality, Host, and Speaker. You can find her networking in Atlanta, hiking Stone Mountain, traveling Georgia for her clients, or connecting with friends and fans on social media.


The Mademoiselle has transformed the brands of Fitpreneurs, Fitness Enthusiast, Influencers, and Speakers. Her skills and services in website creation, creative direction, and social media marketing have been a blessing in increasing the audience and income of her clients as they build  brands with legacies.

As a believer, Coco-Chanel, has made it her respectful duty to create impact through purpose. Her career started in the health and fitness industry as a fitness leader and instructor. With ten years of experience, she's helped over a thousand people reach their health and fitness goals through her personal and online training programs. Her creative, motivational, and unique online presence formed the recognition she receives today as The Mademoiselle. 

Her Brand embodies empowerment and is inclusive to all believers trying to create and leave a legacy for the good of people. Coco-Chanel's energy and passion is an infectious force many adore and appreciate to experience working with.




20171120_The Race_Finals ALL_R on White

Growing up, I wasn’t very confident in myself or in my body. I didn’t find anything attractive about being skinny. I had no breast, no hips, and no cakes. I was just long. Long legs and long arms. Think Olive Oil from Popeye! Imagine what that can do to a girl’s self esteem. Now come back and imagine what that can do to a young black girl's self esteem. Right! I felt as if my body had betrayed me and the culture. Black women were known for having curves!


Raised in a double Military home, My Mother and Father kept both my brother and I  active in sports and recreation. Competing in Track & field opened up a world of conditioning and training to my mindset and body. I loved the running, I loved the strength training, I loved the competition, and most of all I loved how it transformed me.


There is something so brilliant in finding a Super Natural Power that boosts your confidence and Esteem. Giving you the ability to believe in the qualifications you posses as your new proclaimed self. Because of this, I went on to receive 2 Degrees in 1)  Exercise Science and 2) Health & Physical Education. I pursued a career in helping others find their Boost . 

my why!

I've developed workout programs to serve the temple and spirit of those engaged. My priorities as a fitness professional  is to leave people feeling impacted, hopeful, and full of life; enjoying every minute they have with me in the moment while transforming themselves.

As the Mademoiselle, I've seen the importance of making others feel confident and powerful in the image they see themselves in.