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Your Brand is your presentation to the World. What's your message? What's your vibe? What's the style? What are you giving away? What's your purpose? Who are you targeting? Who are you helping? Where is your audience? What makes you unique? How do you want your Brand to be perceived? Have you actually taken the time to think about all of that?

I help Fitpreneurs establish the directionniche, and stamina for the legacy of their brand. In order to stand out, you have to be outstanding. Being unique comes with investment, time, and proper planning. Fitness influencers on social media are looking the same now-a-days, let me steer you out of the ditch of look-a-likes and into your own lane. 

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Brand Audit & Consultation 

Invest in a 90 minute detailed examination to successfully market your brand to it’s respected level of purpose.

Discovery Call $75

{Brand audits are necessary in order to book any branding project} 

In-person Audits are available 


Tes Marshall

I find Coco-Chanel to be very innovative as she brings fresh ideas to the table when promoting The Race on our social media platforms. I’m fond of how she expands on the ideas that I share without regurgitating them. She thinks outside the box on ideas, is very reliable and timely, all while being so fun and energetic!

I’ve learned many great social media techniques 

working with Coco-Chanel. She has helped me learn more about Facebook and Instagram integration, Content creation, layouts, and clean templates. She has went out of her way to inform me about a lot of different platforms and open opportunities to learn. And she’s also introduced me to learning tools, such as podcasts.

Coco has helped improve our audience reach and engagement on our social media. Her campaign post trends correlate to the increase in our apparel and registration sales. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone for her services, she has been the point person for everything media.


If there is anything I would have Coco-Chanel improve on is just knowing her value and worth. The skills that Coco provides is well worth the investment.

To be honest my experience working with Coco has been one of the best things that could've happened to my business and myself personally. I finally found someone who genuinely cares about my business and that's needed when you play a role like Coco. She literally did nothing but listen to my vision and she put herself in my shoes.

I've learned how to be more creative with my business. She's implemented so many ideas to my brand and because I trust her I was very open to her ideas and tactics. I learned how important it is to stay creative and come up with ways to retain clients. I have definitely seen results in my business from her tactics. 

She helped me come up with the structure of my classes and all of my clients love it! The structure made the class more organized and it allows me to give a workout experience my clients can't get anywhere else. I would recommend any and everybody to Coco.

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Omari Hughes


Social Media Management

Are you struggling with your social media platform?  Having issues with appealing to your audience or receiving engagement? Or are you frustrated with content creation? Let my team and I solve those headaches for you. Schedule a consultation with us today and we'll fit you with the best package that suits the needs of your Brand. We authentically create the social experience so you don't have to.

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Alayna Daniels

Working with Coco-Chanel is an amazing and eye-opening experience. With years of experience, Coco has so much knowledge to give young business owners and fitness professionals.  She is an amazing coach that holds you accountable to your fitness and business goals and helps bring your vision and execution to life.


I learned the importance of branding, content creation, and automating your services. The flow of my business and social media management has improved drastically. I recommend all fitness professionals and entrepreneurs book a session with Coco. The value and success of her product is guaranteed.

My experience with Coco-Chanel has been nothing but amazing and a blessing! She is a major part of my success. From the very beginning she literally walked me around the gym mentoring me on the anatomy of the fitness equipment. From there she continued to help me grow into the fitness coach I am today. Then to now I have learned so much from her; just her dedication and drive brushes off on those that look up to her!


I've learned anatomy and physiology, public speaking, how to engage with my audience, video editing, studying my spiritual side, and much more from the Mademoiselle. I've had more traffic and a more attractive brand compared to when I first started. Yes, Coco-Chanel has the keys to take a smaller non existent brand and turn it into something amazing in a matter of time!

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Dennis Meeks Jr

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